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Meditation Miracles

(via a REAL Meditation Grandmaster)



A question I often hear from people who are curious about miracles & meditation is…



The QUICK answer is…. Yes, ABSOLUTELY! 

On the meditative path, with a True Real Grandmaster's guidance, miracles are plentiful.


With Grandmaster's blessings, I have been blessed to see many miraculous supernatural events.  Below are just a few of many dozens of supernatural / miraculous events I've been shown over the last 27 years with Grandmaster.  

“Magic is just science that we don't understand yet.”
― Arthur C. Clarke


Early on it became obvious to me that the magical events listed below were centered around one person. That person is Grandmaster, who I would take as my Teacher the second time we met. I would estimate 100+ supernatural events have been shown to me since 1993.  Here are just some the early miracles from Teacher, Grandmaster:



In 1993, my mom went to listen to a traveling Spiritual Grandmaster from India at a Temple in Buena Park, CA.  This master packed the house with over 500 people.  After hearing this first lecture, my mom wanted to hear more. She invited me to go with her to a nearby house that had invited this master over for tea and snacks.  There must have been over 75 people gathered at the house to receive this spiritual master (sadhu).  As I listened to the lecture, my doubts and disbelief caused me to have an angry, profanity-filled conversation with this spiritual master in my head.  Eventually, this spiritual master sent over his student, who had travelled with him from India, to take me aside.  This student told me, “Saying [these things] to this kind of master of this caliber will not work favorably for you.  Master will talk to you later and sort out your questions”.  I was blown away that this master read my mind!  Not only did he read my mind, but his student repeated back to me EXACTLY, word for word, what I had said.  I was so embarrassed, but also shocked!  What was even more strange was that my rant went on in my head for more than a minute, but the master whispered to the student to speak to me after only a few seconds!


On another occasion, my wife was having a nightmare. Through Teacher’s facilitation, I was able to clear it.  I was able to explain to her the nightmare, how it was cleared, and that she would be able to sleep nightmare free for the rest of the night.  She jumped out of bed very excited, eager to talk about what had happened, but I just wanted to sleep because around Teacher, this stuff happens all the time.



Within an hour after becoming a student of Grandmaster, I received my next miraculous demonstration of the meditative power of this teacher. A small group of people, included teacher, needed to walk back to my parked car, which was about 75 yards away.  As we started out, teacher took us 3 steps into the opposite direction of the car, and miraculously in an instant, we ended up right next to my car!




As we were driving to my house, I dismissed teacher’s directions on how to get to my house because, after all, he had never been there before (I doubt he had even been to America before this time).  Teacher somehow blocked me and the others in the car from being able to find my house as we circled my neighborhood twice!  Once I apologized to the teacher for dismissing his directions, he smiled at me and told me that I was learning.  Miraculously at that moment, my car was in front of my house!



We often saw ghosts when in teacher’s presence.



On an occasion, I was able to hear Teacher & Teacher’s Teacher (Sant Ishwer Singh) having a two-way conversation in my house in the middle of the night.  The miracle is that Teacher’s Teacher had passed on 20 years prior, in 1975!




While in India, we were driving in a car when suddenly a dog ran into the road right in front of us.  In an instant, the dog and the car, including us, became transparent, like a hologram.  The dog ran right through us- everyone unharmed!  As we came to a screeching stop, we received an incoming phone call from Teacher, who was over 60 miles away.  Teacher asked if we were ok then asked about the dog and laughed.  



I attended a cremation in the fields behind the monastery in India.  Once the fire burned out, myself and 4 others went to see if the ashes were cool enough to collect.  We found that the ash was dry, and the body had collapsed under its own weight, except for the forehead.  The forehead was maintained and on it we witnessed a rolling, shimmering gold metallic font of text that changed like liquid metal over the third eye area. We all have this Sacred Forehead marking, which reveals our past, present, and future.



By Teacher/Grandmaster simply saying, “try”, I was able to speak a language I didn't know. I was speaking this language for about 10-minutes in a conversation with Teacher. I spoke fluently and intelligently, at my age level, as if I was a native speaker, in a language I did not know!  Just another example of miracles Teacher showed me to help me on this Spiritual path early on. 




Teacher will often heal people and take on their illnesses.  Teacher will then remove the illness once a doctor’s exam has been conducted on Teacher’s body.  You should see the size of Teacher’s medical files!


… These miracles happened with multiple people around to avoid discounting these occurrences as hoaxes.  These are just some of the supernatural occurrences I was blessed to be witness to within the first couple of years with Teacher. 

Grandmaster teaches a MAGICAL & PRACTICAL process for creating miracles as well as attaining lasting peace, happiness, and synchronicity in life - and I would like to help you experience it!

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