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Meet Ravi


- Your Conscious Pregnancy Expert


Within minutes, you will EXPERIENCE a BLISSFUL & DEEP meditative trance state of an advanced meditation practitioner, and so will your baby!"

I am so excited to help you and your baby experience a HIGH SPIRITUAL FLOW CONSCIOUS PREGNANCY - because this is where it begins for your baby.



And I would love to show you how to give your baby, and you, the best start!! :)


How is this achieved, you may be asking?  

... By having the Most Conscious Pregnancy possible!


And I will help you achieve this by putting you in Energetic Sessions designed to best access your Super Conscious Connection to increase a Higher Spiritual Flow into both of your lives -- Yes, yours and your baby's!


Remember, your baby is developing and growing INSIDE Your Aura!


Your aura is holding your baby, the same way your body is holding your baby!

You May Be Wondering ...

"How is Ravi able to do this for me"?

I get it.  I'd wonder too, so let me tell you a funny and weird story that is my life. Lol. 


Cutting to the chase -- I am a 30-year student of one of the most powerful meditation lineages in all of India, and you'll begin to understand and also experience this effect right from our first few sessions together :) 

Our sessions together will be so beneficial & powerful in helping every aspect of your baby's life, and yours too!

Let's set some time aside and have a fun chat about how we can make this the most amazing experience for you, and your baby!


let's talk

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And if you want a longer version of my story ... haha ... you can scroll down and see some picture highlights below. 




Long, long ago (lol), I was born in Santa Monica,

My early childhood was spent living in LA. 


Then 8th grade started with me in Irvine, CA back in 1979. I still remember the drive to our new home in Irvine. My brothers and I cried when we got off the freeway to seemingly endless orange groves and strawberry fields. And we kept sobbing and repeating, "we are city kids, we don't want to live on a farm" Yes, a bit dramatic in hindsight, but at the time it seemed appropriate - again, I was 12 years old (lol).


Within a few days, I made some friends in the neighborhood and life was great again. Kids!! Right? I enjoyed a great life in Irvine: 8th grade, high school, and then also studied Engineering at UC, Irvine.


In 1989, fresh out of college, my life took a surprising turn, and I ended up going straight into business - one of those odd lucky breaks. Basically some friends of my parents sold us a running profitable business at a price my parents couldn't refuse. The Sellers had to go back to India immediately to help their older brothers with a booming concrete business in India - win/win.



In 1991, I met my soon-to-be Teacher for the next 30 years (and counting). This person I am referring to as Teacher, was actually a Master of Meditation from India who had extraordinary miraculous powers. Can you imagine - within the first hour of meeting this Master, I was shown a mind-blowing miracle and 2 more Super Mind-Blowing Miracles with this Teacher in the next 24 hours? You can read more about these 3 events (and several other miraculous events here on my other website)


This Teacher changed the trajectory of my life! As I mentioned, I studied engineering and as a teenager, I also enjoyed working on everything and anything on my first car, a 1968 Mustang (I still have it btw). A Side note, in High School, my friends called my Mustang, Ravi's Rustang because the vinyl top eventually caused the roof to become all rusted out - lol), so I was a bit knowledgeable about physical sciences.  But with this Master, science didn't matter. The Laws of Physics didn't matter. The Laws of Biology didn't matter. This Master did miraculous things that defied the Laws of Nature. It's as if He was above The Laws of Nature. Naturally, I was drawn to this Master/Teacher. And as the years went on, I became more and more of a student of this Master. To be continued, spoiler alert, I always seem to circle around to Teacher's teachings and how they benefit our lives, in all aspects.

Ravi's Grandmaster

Meet Ravi Singh's Magical Mystical Enlightened Meditation Grandmaster...

They don't get more magical then these Enlightened Masters!  Theses Enlightened Masters have evolved to the highest development of a human being, "the egoless state".  They are beyond the physical laws we live by. They are beyond even the Laws of Nature.  They are Ascended Masters.



There are those who seem to have a spark.


Their presence is so blissful you can feel it.


You can tell they have discovered something different… something sublimley happy.


Perhaps it’s the calming affect of their aura near yours ... perhaps a glow in their eyes… or something intangible that can’t quite be placed?


Their energy seems to be drawing on something from another world.


A world that you believe exists, that you may have even experienced for yourself.


This is the realm of the Spiritual Masters and we invite you to join us on a Spiritual Journey to its inner reaches, to unlock the sacred Divine Loving connection within us all, so that we may flow more of its magical qualities of health & happiness into all aspects of our lives and communities.


There is a great change coming!



The same year I met my magical Teacher, I had another surprising turn in life. I got married to a college sweetheart ❤️


And 2 years later, I became a dad when my daughter Anisha was born ❤️


It was an exciting time in my life, and then my excitement DOUBLED when daughter #2, Karina arrived ❤️


My wife was a bit overwhelmed during her second pregnancy and would often say I was told I couldn't get pregnant while I'm nursing 🤣😂


My wife, even repeatedly told the doctor (and her friends) "I was told you couldn't get pregnant while your nursing" and the doctor thought the same thing - Life happens on its own terms 🤣😂 My wife didn't appreciate my over-excitement with her being pregnant again so early, but she'd forgive me as long as we were stocked up on ice-cream, again 🤣😂 

Messages Image(540722588).png
Messages Image(1097633396).png


The next surprising turn in my life was my meditation practice!  This was an awkward time for me.  This MAGICAL Meditation Teacher had been in my life for about 5 years now, and yearly Teacher would stay at our house for one to two weeks.  And Teacher also told me to stay in India and meditate with the Teacher for one month every year.  Spending so much time with Teacher and watching others interact with Teacher outside of my young family gave me the chance to be a - fly on the wall - and observe the guidance Teacher gave to others. Most all of these other students seemed so much more advanced than me.  Teacher would advise them to do things that would increase their meditation depth and enjoyment in life. So, wanting to be a good student to repay all the love and guidance from Teacher I had received over the years, I felt some desire to try to advance myself as well. Teacher had basically told me to meditate more and more, but to these others who were born in India, I started to notice that Teacher was telling these students, that "if you do this ___________, it would help you go deeper into meditation and access more Grace (Spiritual Flow) for more luck and happiness."  So, I took it upon myself to try to implement the 3 main changes I was hearing Teacher often repeat to those who came seeking Teacher's help. 


1.  I started to wake up at 2 am to meditate. Wow, it was so hard to break sound sleep and get up and shower, and then sit on the floor and meditate. Obviously I struggled here and just kept restarting and failing over and over again. Fail to get up. Fail to stay awake in meditation. Just so tough.  


2.  I also started trying to follow the same meditation-friendly, vegetarian diet as Teacher suggested. Again I struggled with this over and over again. In the early 1990s we didn't have a lot of vegetarian meat substitutes that I craved back then. His was a huge challenge to overcome, for me.


3.  And the BIGGEST ONE - I stopped cutting my hair, for meditation reasons, as Teacher instructed others. YIKES! This was really hard for me because it didn’t fit in with my SoCal lifestyle upbringing and the corporate work environment look I was accustomed to. This was an outside change, a change to my physical appearance, and this change was so far from the look I was comfortable with and of how I saw myself.  Massive insecurities began to creep up in me. I tried to just stay the course and place my trust in Teacher. I would often remind myself, that "if this Teacher could do more than others could do (in terms of miracles), then Teacher obviously knows more than others know". I was just trying to find courage. Teacher noticed and sorted these feelings out in my head and gave me the courage to continue forward. Personally, I believe Teacher allowed me to witness so many amazing miracles to help me have more trust. Somehow, many dozens of miracles were showing up in my life - all connected to Teacher!  Even many "lucky opportunities'' were showing up for me as well. My insecurities began to become replaced with more excitement and courage, with Teacher's grace of course. Again, I'ii circle back around to more on this later.



After six years of being a daddy of daughters, my mother and mother-in-law were hatching a plan (aka creating drama - lol) 


A little back story:  My mom & mother-in-law said to Teacher, that Ravi & Anita do not have a boy (for some reason this is a big cultural desire in Indian families with that generation).  Teacher told me, that my mom & mother-in-law requested a blessing from Teacher to arrange for a son for Anita and me.  Teacher asked me my thoughts about this, and I told Teacher I was very happy with my 2 daughters and I have no problem with life as it is, and that I felt blessed (I may have apologized for the mama drama, or at least an eye-roll - lol).  Teacher said "very good" to my response (yes, A student of a Grandmaster never gets tired of hearing that ❤️ )


Well a few months after this conversation, naturally, Nature decided my wife's birth control would mysteriously stop working and my wife was pregnant once again.  It seems Teacher listened to their drama, I mean a request for our blessing (lol).  We didn't know the gender at the time (it was too early to detect on ultrasound), but Teacher always said "him" and told us a boy is coming from as early as the 6th week, which was the time when my wife told Teacher she was pregnant.


By this time I had become a complete vegetarian for the last few years. And the weird part was, previously I LOVED meat, and ONLY seemed to eat meat. My friends used to joke around with me saying, "You won't last as a vegetarian - the only vegetables you seemed to willingly eat were onion rings and French Fries or potatoes as a kid".  So true!! 🤣😂 


So back to this 3rd pregnancy, Teacher said to my wife "it would be good if you stayed vegetarian through this pregnancy".  Btw, my wife found it much easier to be a vegetarian than I did, so no problem, right? Wrong, doctors didn't get a lot of education in nutrition (2 weeks on average I'm told back then).  So, my wife was told by her doctor to leave the vegetarian diet during pregnancy and eat plenty of meat, so the baby will have enough protein to develop properly. I drove home with my wife crying and she cried much of the rest of the day until we could call India in the evening our time (12 ish hour time difference) to update Teacher from the doctor visit. Teacher said "don't worry I'm watching this baby (keep in mind Teacher is in India, and we were in Orange County California, and my wife was in her first trimester.) Remember, a Magical Meditation Master is involved ❤️😀 


Also, almost all of the world was vegetarian, and even western countries were mostly vegetarian before refrigerators became a common household appliance. So, it was commonly known throughout the world, being vegetarian was not risky.


Now fast forward to the 2nd prenatal follow up appointment, and the same thing happened with the doctor urging my wife to eat plenty of meat. The same thing happened at home with the crying until we called Teacher that evening. And the same thing happened with Teacher. Again, Teacher reassuring us with all the logic of the past conversation.


Long story, my 4'11" wife grew a 10.5 POUND baby boy ❤️, with this Magical Teacher's Blessings. Hospital staff kept coming in to see this HUGE baby. After a few hours of these interruptions to my wife's rest, enough was enough and I just kept them all away - except for my wife's nurse of course (lol). My wife would often say she didn't give birth to an infant, she gave birth to a toddler 🤣😀 


Through all these life events, my trust in Teacher was growing even faster!



There was a time Teacher told me to learn Reiki.  And as a kid, I also learned a long time ago from watching Kung Fu movies on TV, that when you are in the presence of Mastery, meaning a Master, you just say "yes", when told to do something - and try your best to do it.  So, that's what I did.  And because Teacher was pulling the strings behind the scene of my Reiki experiences, I had some very extraordinary developments.  One day in India, at Teacher's Dehra in Punjab, India (a Dehra is a Sikh Ashram), Teacher told me and 4 others to do Reiki on Teacher. I was only a Reiki Level 1 beginner at the time.  One of the 5 of us doing Reiki on Teacher was a Reiki Master and a medical doctor from a local city, in India. He was showing off to Teacher, not knowing the miraculousness of Grandmaster. After it became clear to this Indian Doctor that I was the beginner Reiki Level 1 person in the room and the American who was new to all this Reiki stuff, he started to show off to me and Teacher.  Teacher let this go on for about 10 minutes and then said to him "Ravi's Reiki is strong". And just like that, something shifted in me and from that point on, my relationship with Reiki became much stronger for me. Again, I don't take any credit for this, I see it all as Teacher's doing. I went on to further my learning of Reiki with more 'vigor' to renew my commitment to Teacher's instruction to "learn Reiki".  Eventually, I completed all the commonly known Reiki Levels to become a Reiki Master/Teacher.  Then I just put this aside and went on with my life thinking I did as Teacher instructed, to "learn Reiki". It seemed Teacher had something different in mind for me ❤️😀, yearly I would go to visit Teacher either in Canada, England, or India (Teacher stopped coming to America after 911 due to the request of his students). I found it odd Teacher would often tell me to do Reiki on Teacher. This was a Magical Master, and there was nothing I could do to benefit Teacher's health and well being - Nature served Teacher. So why was Teacher asking me to do Reiki daily on Teacher? Remaining curious, I just did as Teacher told me to do. A day came in 2008 when I told Teacher I wanted to shut down my Mortgage Company because the industry was in a depression due to the Global Credit Crisis. Teacher replied, "now do Reiki services for people".  And that is how I started helping people experience More Spiritual Flow in their lives using my relationship with Teacher, with Reiki.



Somehow, this corporate version of me was gone by this time, and a meditation student sprouted in its place.


I often reminded myself of how a caterpillar enters the cocoon and emerges as a butterfly.  So I'd imagine what happens when a person enters a DEEP meditative cocoon, and what magical Creature might emerge from that. And then I would try a little better to grasp Teacher's instructions. 


With Teacher's loving guidance and encouragement, over time I was able to meditate longer and deeper and began to access more Spiritual Flow, and experience more and more of its benefits.


On my 52nd birthday, Teacher told me, "for the next 50 years, I want you to go more intensely into your meditation".  So, with my Teacher's blessings, looks like I'm here till 102 years of age, haha).  And I will be going more deeply into meditation depths, yay!! (lol)  They say whatever these Masters think/say, happens 😀


To honor Teacher's instructions:

  1. to help others with Stronger Reiki (using Teacher's meditation techniques) 

  2. and to go more deeply into meditation


So I chose to work with my most favorite situations, with my most favorite clients - where new life begins, through creating More Conscious Pregnancy by helping to Increase Spiritual Flow at this auspicious time 😀


Making a More Conscious Pregnancy is exciting for everyone!  This is where the mother is excited and this is where I am excited and this is where new life is being created, so we can create more consciousness for your baby's life!


It'!s a Win/Win/Win because I get to help you create more Spiritual Flow in your life. Plus I get to help create more Spiritual Flow in your baby's life!  And I get to spend more time meditating to achieve this increased level of Spiritual Flow as my Teacher instructed!


Well, that's a little about me...


I would love to get to know you and help you have a MAGICAL pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and parenting experience!


Always here to help,

Ravi 😀

Ravi with his Grandmaster

"Somehow this Magical Enlightened Meditation Grandmaster found me 27 years ago and my life was forever changed".

Ravi Singh with his Grandmaster of 27 years, then and now...


"When reflecting on the blessings of happiness you have lead me to, my eyes always tear with joy. The student of a true guru is always held, protected, nurtured, strengthened, and blessed beyond any expectation.  I now know the importance of a true guru and the love bond shared with their student.  Endless thank you to you Grandmaster, words cannot communicate my gratitude." - Ravi Singh.

Maharaj Ji kids and I.png

My daughters hamming it up and enjoying the attention from Grandmaster oh so long ago :)

Ravi with his Grandmaster

Ravi with his Grandmaster

"Somehow this Magical Enlightened Meditation Grandmaster found me 30 years ago and my life was forever changed".

Ravi Singh with his Grandmaster of 30 years, then and now...


"When reflecting on the blessings of happiness you have lead me to, my eyes always tear with joy. The student of a true guru is always held, protected, nurtured, strengthened, and blessed beyond any expectation.  I now know the importance of a true guru and the love bond shared with their student.  Endless thank you to you Grandmaster, words cannot communicate my gratitude." - Ravi Singh.

Maharaj Ji kids and I.png

My daughters hamming it up and enjoying the attention from Grandmaster oh so long ago ❤️😀


Grandmaster cutting my cake and saying a prayer for me ❤️😀

Daughters with Maharaj Ji
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